Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Giacomo's Groceria= molto buono

Update: Giacomo's closed for renovation for most of spring 2009. They reopened on May 11, 2009, with a changed menu. See a more recent review here.

Thanks to google translator for that one.

I live just up Main Street from Giacomo's, and though it's no vegan hot spot, I seem to find plenty of things to spend money on. First of all, the coffee: Coffee by Design roasts some tasty beans. I drink it black, which is gross with acidic or flavored coffee, but lovely with the mellow Atlantic Sunrise blend. My husband, who is a masochist, buys beans and makes a thermos of super-concentrated Alanzo's Double Dark every morning. It hurts me even to smell this coffee; it is heart-stoppingly strong. Giacomo's also has Silk, so you can get your soy latte or chai.

When I lived in Boston and bought groceries at Stop 'n Shop, I used my breadmaker all the time. Now that I have Giacomo's, my breadmaker is sad and dusty in the attic. They carry breads from
Borealis, Artisan Brick Oven, and Daily Bread, and I buy a loaf or two weekly: the Artisan apple cinnamon makes yummy toast (not strictly vegan-- it contains honey), and the Daily Bread sliced wheat is a good honest sandwich bread.

Most of Giacomo's sandwiches are meaty, but the standard Caprese is a vegetarian option, as is the vegetable antipasto. I order the latter without cheese. It's a little messy, with kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers popping out everywhere, so I recommend eating it where no one can see you. The rosemary focaccia is salty and good! A couple of times a month we pick up sandwiches and a bag of Little Lad's Herbal Popcorn and eat like slobs. Last summer a hummus wrap was available, which could also be made vegan.

There are vegan options from the deli. The tuscan bean salad (pictured above) contains chickpeas, red onion, tomato, parsley, garlic, olive oil, and probably some other things, but no cheese, 'cuz I asked. I like to toss it with whole wheat penne, drizzle it with a little extra olive oil, red wine vinegar, and lemon juice, and bring it to work for lunch. I can barely concentrate all morning if I know I've got this waiting in my lunchbox, especially if I've topped it off with stuffed grape leaves. YUM. The fruit salad, roasted vegetables, and panzanetta are also vegan (though I don't understand the appeal of soggy bread).
Giacomo's carries good wine and good beer, too. They have an impressive selection of Belgians for Bangor.

Now all they need is a platter of vegan cupcakes...


  1. That salad looks lovely, nice photo.

  2. Thanks! I think I'll have to get some this week.


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