Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am right in the middle of everything that happens in this town...

Scene: Monday. Lunchtime. Husband has stolen the Prius, forcing me to take a taxi to my big important presentation on the Hogan Road.

On the way, the driver gets a call from someone requesting a ride.

"Does it have to be the Suburban?" he asks. The caller talks for a while, and then the driver says, "Swords? How big?" The swords might fit in a regular cab, he says, and they agree to try. "Give me 15 minutes."

The cabbie hangs up and tells me, "This guy wants me to pick him up-- he just bought a 5 gallon fish tank and two swords. Kinda odd."

I suggest that the guy is decorating a Japanese restaurant.

"If they don't fit in the trunk, you'll have to put the blades out the window. Just don't drive too close to any pedestrians." Hahaha, chuckle.

As I tip the cabbie and step out, I call jovially, "Good luck with the swords!" Because I am the sort of person who enjoys a laugh with my fellow man, at the expense of a weirdo.

And then I read this.

Yeah, read down to the part about how the bank robber's goth roommates were caught in taxi with a four-and-a-half foot sword.

It's too bad for the driver, because I bet a bank robber would tip really well.

Maybe he got to keep the fish tank.

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  1. This story is just hilarious! I realize it's an older post, but I just "found" you!

    (And I'm enjoying myself thoroughly - thanks for an interesting blog!)


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