Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eggplant Mitten Hat Hat

I was awfully busy in the kitchen this week, but I've got no post to show for it. I was working on an extra-special super-secret recipe that will appear in the spring issue of Maine Food & Lifestyle Magazine. That's right, on actual paper. It'll be out mid-March and you can drool over the photos then. I'll just tell you that I did something marvelous with cannellini beans, zucchini, and this eggplant:

I made three versions of the recipe in 36 hours, so my fridge and stomach are (happily) full of eggplant.
It was school vacation this week, so I had some time to knit. I finally finished the man mittens, which fit the man to a tee!
I made myself a hat...

... then started another:

I like making hats because they're quick and easy to customize. This one's for nobody in particular, I just love the yarn. Who wants a yellow hat?
Update: The yellow hat found a home!


  1. i love yellow :) sadly not my color though. and desperately hoping spring comes to us in ME very soon :D

  2. Hi Mary,

    We love you! (And by the way, I have a yellow jacket that that hat would look smashing with.)



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