Sunday, February 1, 2009

Seitan on a Stick

This weekend I made my own seitan (say-TAN), using Vegan Dad's recipe for Boneless Chickenless Hot Wings. Seitan is made from gluten, the protein in wheat that gives so many people fits. Both my sisters are allergic, and while preparing this recipe I imagined using it to ward them off, like garlic in a vampire movie. If they were coming toward me I could pour it on the floor in a protective ring which would repel them if they got too close. Needless to say, if wheat gluten upsets your stomach, this recipe is not for you.

Because of its chewy texture and high protein concentration, seitan can be a good substitute for main-dish meats. It was surprisingly easy to make. You just combine the ingredients, knead for a few minutes, then give it whatever shape you'd like it to have. I rolled it into a loaf and cut it into twelve pieces, which I then savagely ran through with wooden spears.

These hot wings were spicy, crispy, and hearty, and I will definitely make them again. Eating food off of a charred stick made me feel like a caveman at the fair. The texture and flavor of the seitan were reminiscent of chicken, though this won't satisfy you if you're looking for an exact copycat. Let go of the urge to compare and appreciate seitan for its own merits. The only change I will make next time is to reduce the amount of chicken-style broth powder from 1/3 cup to 1/4 cup, because I found the seasoning a little strong. If you don't have sticks, this recipe would also make nice little nuggets. These were even better the second day, reheated for about ten minutes at 400 degrees.

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  1. Nice work, that looks yummy, seitan is excellent and much less expensive when homemade !


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