Friday, March 27, 2009

No Beets for Barack

Did you see this story?

No Beets in the White House Garden

Offering evidence that he is our smartest president ever, Obama hates beets, and won't plant them in his new garden. Root vegetable partisans want him to reconsider.

Don't do it, Barry! You're absolutely right, beets are gross!

I've tried to like them. I bought some lovely-looking organic specimens at the farmers' market, roasted them just like the farmer suggested, and then couldn't bring myself to swallow a bite. They taste like dirt, but... creepy.

I propose a constitutional ban.


  1. I hated them too until I tried the receipe in Veganomicon for Autumn Latkes w/ Horseradish Dill sauce. Now I love them. LOVE! Do it!

  2. haha! I actually really love beets (when I'm in the mood).. but only in the last 5 years.

    Re the burger... I'm going to have a lot of info in the ebook about that..but I might do a blog post showing how to do it. If you have a specific casserole in question I can help with that.

    But... usually I use soups/stews and turn them into burgers by mixing them with old fashioned oats, tvp, wheat gluten, cornmeal or other binder as well as some flax meal. I have some of the leftover curried split pea soup and I'll probably mix it with some ground oats and to make the patty. The thing with the old fashioned oats is that they soak up the mixture, so you want the mixture to be a little wet before you chill it.

    If you had a casserole, I would either put it in a food processor and depending on what it is.. add tvp, vital wheat gluten, oats and maybe some sort of sauce and flax.

    Experiment! You'll find almost anything can become a burger (or a savory pancake).. I like to puree leftovers with some chickpea flour for panckaes or crepes..

  3. Thanks so much, Melody! I'll look forward to the ebook and burger post.

    Sarah: I know you mean well, but I refuse to waste perfectly good ingredients by letting them touch beets. Never again will a beet cross these lips.

  4. I'm trying to like them....I'll let you know if it happens. (In other words, don't hold your breath.)

    I agree they taste like dirt. But dirt gone wrong.

  5. the only good beet is a pickled beet. and even then, only a slice or two, well hidden by mashed potatoes. My mother hauls them out for holiday meals, and it's the only way i can even sort of handle them.

  6. Wow, this post got a lot of feedback. People seem to have strong feelings about beets. I hope I don't get too many of them in my CSA bag this summer, because I will be leaving them outside for the squirrels.


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