Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fresh Arugula Pesto

The other day I was craving pesto, and the thought of buying several expensive packages of wilted grocery store basil depressed me. I thought, "What could I use instead of basil that's in season now?"

The answer? Arugula, the spicy salad green that's fun to say!

I pat myself on the back, convinced I was the first culinary pioneer to have this idea. When I got home and googled it, I realized that hundreds of people had already thought of and developed recipes for arugula pesto. What's more, many of them suggested pairing it with tiny tomatoes, as I had planned to.

Oh, well. Just because I'm not the first to think of arugula pesto doesn't mean I'm not proud of it. On the contrary, the existence of so many recipes provides a different sort of pat on the back: damn, I have good taste.

You can find my recipe for Fresh Arugula Pesto at Maine Food & Lifestyle.

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