Thursday, May 28, 2009

Veggie Thing: This Will Make You Hungry

Are you planning a summer trip, and wondering if you'll find delicious vegan food on the road or have to survive on peanut butter? Check out Veggie Thing, a user-generated showcase of mouth-watering photos from restaurants around the country. Searching for vegan birthday cake in Utah, or barbequed tofu in Memphis? Veggie Thing's contributors have got you covered. Their photos and descriptions have me practically planning a roadtrip.

I posted wagamama's yasai chilli men and The Vegan Flatbread from Flatbread Company. If you like the photos or think the food sounds tasty, click the thumbs-up icon!

After five contributions to Veggie Thing, I'll be elevated to elite Dictator status. As the Saddam of soy milk, the Kim Jong of kale, the Fidel of phyllo, I'll dine and photograph with an iron fist, ensuring that hungry vegans everywhere know what to eat when they come to Maine.


  1. Yes, that makes me so hungry! Thanks for sharing such a cool site. I clicked the thumbs-up icon for both dishes, they look so yummy. I'll go back and add comments soon. =D

  2. I absolutely love being a Veggie Thing Dictator!


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