Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Downtown Bangor

Downtown Bangor's Outdoor Market has returned for the summer, with jewelry, crafts, food, and music available from 5-8 on Thursday evenings through July. Market dates and a list of performers are here. I'm so disappointed we missed the Elvis impersonator!

Last night we picked up a loaf of Breadbox Bakery's sticky cinnamon bread and some Fieldstone Farms spiced apple preserves, made right up the hill on French Street.

Breadbox also had some deliciously crunchy homemade sesame crackers and garlic hummus.

Need a wooden spoon? The seller said each one takes him three hours to carve.

Sleepy downtown Bangor is trying to wake up for the summer. If you're in town, come spend a rainy Friday evening drinking cheap martinis, listening to jazz, and visiting local artists at tonight's downtown art walk. If you're not in Bangor, you could still do those first two things from the comfort of your own living room. Either way, enjoy!


  1. Oh, I'd love to go to outdoor market, too bad I don't live in Bangor. I love how you described the scene of downtown art walk which inspired me to participate more in the community's activities. We have outdoor markets & art walk so many times a year in the beach cities where I live but I seldom go.

  2. Oh, such enticing bread... I sure wish there was an outdoor market nearby me, too!

  3. those spoons are awesome!

    we had market square day last weekend. the big attraction there was a cheese stand :P


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