Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vegan Enchiladas and Dessert

We ate at the infamous Chicago Diner Friday night, but didn't get any pictures in the small, loud, neon-lit dining area. The menu emphasizes tofu and seitan versions of meat dishes, with plenty of wings, burgers, and country-fried steak.

The sauce on my chorizo enchiladas was deliciously spicy, overwhelming the flavor of the crumbled seitan sausage. The black beans and rice on the side were filling but bland, and tasted a bit like canned tomatoes. I took the opportunity to try vegan sour cream and Teese, the Chicago-made vegan cheese bloggers are raving about. The sour cream was a convincing facsimile, but sour cream was never anything to get excited about in the first place. The Teese melted in the oven, but re-solidified on the plate, and the plastic flavor took me back to chewing on Barbie's feet in the bathtub.

I would order the enchiladas again, but skip the cheese entirely. I'm a carbohydrates girl, so I'm not pining for cheese. If grains had feelings, though, I'd have a hard time.

The carrot cake and variety of cheesecakes looked heavenly, but I had no room left for dessert so I took a chocolate chip cookie home. It was fluffy but bland, not as good as the Vegan with a Vengeancebatch at home.

I'd love to visit Chicago Diner again and try other dishes. Everything on the vegetarian menu can be made vegan, so four chickpeas.

It's not quite time for strawberries in Maine, but there were plenty of fresh Michigan-grown berries at Thursday's Daley Plaza farmers' market. I bought two pints and ate them with Vanilla Coconut Bliss, the softest, creamiest, best store-bought vegan ice cream I've tasted.

Bleeding Heart Bakery was there, too, so I picked up a chocolate chip cookie, banana fudge brownie, and a little something for my cupcake-loving hostess. The soft cookie was perfectly golden and sweet, but man, they weren't kidding about the banana in the brownie.

More soon from Chicago!


  1. OOOhhh! i just tried the coconut bliss and loved it. it's really rich and creamy and was perfect for scooping on top of strawberry rhubarb pie

  2. Chorizo enchiladas sound yummy! Too bad you didn't like Teese though. I have never tried it yet (they don't sell it anywhere around here), but with all the rave reviews it gets I would expect it to be amazing. I am not a big fan of vegan cheeses, they all taste plastic-y to me too.


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