Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Changes & Summer Knitting

School's out for the summer so I have more time to cook, knit, write, and tearfully watch Michael Jackson videos. (I was always a bigger Janet fan, but have you watched the Bad video lately? No human being, before or since, has ever been that cool.)

Happily, this blog will get a much-needed makeover soon. I don't know about you, but I am tired of these damn polka dots. I'm not terribly design- or tech-saavy, so I'll be working with someone to come up with a clean, fun, and colorful look. I'll be adding new features, like a list of frequently asked questions. I thought about changing the name; seriously, when was the last time I talked about mittens? I write almost exclusively about food. At this point, though, the name and address are out in the world too much to make changing them feasible. I'll just have to start posting my knitting projects a little more often, like Hannah at BitterSweet.

My busy spring schedule is one reason I haven't had much knitting to post; when things get hectic, I still cook and eat, but my evening knitting time gets trampled.

The other reason is insecurity; I am a much better cook than knitter. I knit mindlessly, while talking, watching television, or riding in the car. I can't be bothered to follow a pattern, which limits me to scarves, hats, and easy mittens. As much as I would love to brag abut my handmade sweaters or stuffed animals, I just don't have the patience.

Last week I stopped into my local yarn shop and was humbled by the amazing, gorgeous, intricate projects those ladies seem to complete in no time. Their monogrammed mittens are works of art, while my mittens are... let's call them "rustic." A trip to the yarn shop always leaves me inspired and totally intimidated. With summer here, I'm getting a start on Christmas gifts: hats, mittens, pillow shams, and the nascent necktie above.

For now, Graeme models one of my cabled hats: fierce!

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