Monday, July 13, 2009

Green Pea Pulao Recipe at Maine Food & Lifestyle

Peas are here! I've posted a recipe for Green Pea Pulao at Maine Food & Lifestyle. For this yummy Indian side dish you want English peas—the kind you have to shuck—not sugar snap or snow peas.


  1. That looks awesome. I love fresh peas, and the act of shelling is one of my all-time favorite activities. I've got a bag of purple hull peas waiting to be shelled in my fridge. Mmmm! But I need to find some fresh English peas.

  2. Bianca,

    Any kind of peas that require shucking are fine. English peas are what we grow here, but your purple hull peas would also work well. You just want big, fat, round peas, not the little ones that grow in edible pods.

    I also find shucking meditative.

  3. That looks delicious and one thing I can sure get hold of easily are English peas!

  4. Very pretty! Cross-cultural with the English peas! haha

  5. This dish is right up my alley. Yellow rice with some veggies and you said Indian right.Perfect


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