Monday, July 27, 2009

Knitter. Vegan. Homeowner.

We're moving! After nearly two months of paperwork, we closed on a cozy little house on a quiet, dog-friendly street beside the river. Things may slow down here next month as we work on the new house and begin hauling things over from the apartment.

I'm planning to pack up the kitchen last and keep up cooking as long as possible. The new kitchen is smaller, but it comes with a neat little storage area called a butler's pantry:

I'll begin interviewing potential butlers as soon as we get settled.

Our first meals in the new house were Subway sandwiches and an assortment of chips, olives, edamame salad, and hummus. In an empty house, with no plates, silverware, or even chairs, you can dispense with table manners. While moving into a previous apartment, we used naan to scoop Indian take-out into our mouths, and when that ran out, we used our fingers. When you're lifting boxes and pushing paint rollers, concerns about balanced meals are similarly forgotten. In a house with no clocks, who's to say fritos aren't a fine mid-morning snack?

The new house needs a lot of work. There's an overgrown yard, a rotted deck, shoddy insulation, and an outdated roof. The previous owner was not shy about her love of pink, and it will take many, many hours of painting to make the house feel like our home instead of Barbie's vacation cottage.

But the old-fashioned formal living rooms, tin ceilings, boarded-over fireplaces, and odd nooks and crannies have so much potential, and the dogs finally have a yard. Here are some of my favorite quirky features:

Nautical light fixture in the laundry room. It reminds me of a sailor's tattoo. Definitely a keeper.

These old-fashioned faucets are apparently retro now. They're so dainty.

This left-behind garden frog looks wise, like some kind of protective house spirit/guardian angel. He can stay.

We met some neighbors on Saturday. One of my husband's coworkers lives up the street, and she dropped off this thoughtful basket of vegan Fig Newmans, sparklers, and a bottle of wine (with two plastic cups—a nice touch!):

If you care to follow our ongoing renovations, we'll be posting about them here. More pictures of the new house are at our SmugMug photo album.


  1. What a cute welcome to your new home basket. I love that light fitting and the butlers pantry is awesome too!

    Enjoy your new home.

  2. Wow, it seems like everyone in the vegan blog world is moving! Good luck, and congrats :)

  3. Congratulations! It looks like a really sweet new house. I can't wait to see all the amazing things that come out of your new kitchen.

  4. Welcome home, and I mean that in the sincerest way! Thanks for this little peek "behind the scenes," your new place is just lovely. :)

  5. A ha! We have been doing much the same with a slightly younger cape (1854). Some old filthy bachelor lived there before us. Aside from the grit and grime, we discovered that all of our hideous wallpaper came from Mardens, circa 1992. Lovely.

    My advice: Clear your calendar for the next three years and expect your standard of living to drop significantly! Of course, long evenings in your own garden more than make up for it!



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