Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Southwestern Corn and Black Bean Salad at MF&L

We're enduring our first hot, muggy days of the summer, and I haven't turned my oven on in over a week. Without a swimming pool or a sailboat, the only reason to celebrate this weather is the sudden burst of color at the farmers' market. Beside the green herbs, scallions, and lettuce, there are now bell peppers, chilies, summer squash, and raspberries, and soon we'll see sweet corn.

Southwestern Corn and Black Bean Salad is one of my favorite summer meals. Cooling, fresh, and substantial, I make it weekly while cilantro is in season. I've posted the recipe at Maine Food and Lifestyle, so visit me there!


  1. Ooh, delicioso! My Dad used to make lightly fried tortilla bowls, with a similar filling.
    Congrats on the new house by the way! I love older homes - so much character! I wish you a speedy moving in process. ^_^

  2. What a beautiful, colorful dish! :) Great pic!

    And you DEFINITELY have to give carob another try. You'll thank me!

  3. This looks scrumptious (is that a word? I'm sounding like my Mom!) In any case I'm going to Maine Food and Lifestyle for that recipe, Mary.

  4. My 19 year old daughter made this (with fresh corn!) while we were on vacation at Cape Cod to bring to a family get together. It was a hit!!

  5. Meg,

    Terrific! Thanks for sharing your results. I've got to pick up some cilantro this afternoon and make it again myself.


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