Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Found Recipes

I told you things would be slow here this month. Between cleaning and painting the new house, packing up our apartment, and testing out recipes for MaineFare, I've had little time for knitting or playing around in the kitchen. We're eating a lot of $5 footlongs and farmers' market no-recipe salad.

I wanted to write about cleaning out the pantry, but I'd no sooner had the idea than sneaky Mark Bittman copied me, again. (He really loves to ruin good food with raw eggs, doesn't he?) Instead, I'll share with you some of the intriguing recipes I've stumbled upon this week.

First, I found this Parmesow Chicken at the bottom of a cobwebbed drawer in our new kitchen:

Please, could somebody adapt this with Vegenaise, nooch, and tofu, and then send me a picture? I dare you.

Recipe ideas often come to me in my sleep. I'll wake up craving something, and then tinker around until I've made it a reality. So it was with this, the Rubber Finger Sandwich. After a long day of scrubbing, scraping, and painting, I dreamed my husband made me dinner. Wheat bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and a yellow glove. Creative, and so thoughtful.

But finally, a recipe for edible food. Peaches are $0.79/lb this week at the Bangor Main Street Shaw's, so let me share with you one of my favorite desserts:


1 fresh peach
tap water

Rinse peach under cool tap water for 5-10 seconds. If necessary, remove PLU sticker. Gently dry peach, using kitchen towel or pant leg. Eat immediately.

Variation: Halve peach and serve with ice cream and raspberries.

Serves 1.


  1. Love the recipe at the end. I read this blog for its originality ;)

  2. That's about the extent of cooking I can do. :)
    Of course I prefer nectarines.


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