Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Lentil Salad

Lentils are pretty adorable to begin with, but look at these guys, all dressed up for the season:

How could I resist? With a little vinegar, mustard, and some vegetables and herbs, I put my festive lentils to use in this Lentil Salad from Veganomicon.

Rich in fiber and protein, this salad sticks to my ribs and keeps me full until late afternoon. I used Raye's Winter Garden Mustard, a delicious blend with dill, garlic and celery seed. Lentils are another healthy protein source that gets little respect outside the vegetarian community. But like any mildly-flavored protein, lentils rise to the occasion with assertive seasoning. They take only 20 minutes to cook and require no soaking, so I use them often in last minute lunches.

A packed lunch with leftover apple pie for dessert. Mmm, autumn.


  1. What a festive batch of lentils! Those really are pretty! We love lentils too, and I make daal quite a bit. In fact, I took some lentil photos last week to post with a daal recipe next month, but mine are just monochromatic red lentils. Pretty (adorable even, as you say!), but not nearly as gussied up in Autumnal finery as yours are! :-)
    I must check out that mustard... sounds intriguing!

  2. those dry lentils look like halloween in a bowl!

  3. They look great in those tiffins. Nice shots.

  4. Aren't lentils the best? I love how seasonally festive these are! They look absolutely delicious, what beautiful photos. I love your lunch containers, they are cute!

  5. I LOVE lentils, I cook them all the time now. I've never seen colorful lentils together before, they look so beautiful. Your salad looks wonderful.

    Did you know your lunch container look alike what we use in Thailand to bring food for monks at the temple?

  6. Have never eaten lentils, but if they look like Halloween confetti then I should incorporate them into my diet. & where did you get those lunch containers?


  7. I love your cute little lunch boxes!

  8. I love the lentil mix--I think I need to make my own :)


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