Friday, October 23, 2009

So, So Quaint

I'm fortunate to have a well-stocked farm stand a mile from my house. This fall, it's supplied me with pumpkins, apples, cider, root vegetables, and dried beans. I stopped by today for apples—I've been eating two or three Cortlands a day, and I'm going to attempt a gluten-free pie this weekend (wish me luck).

Tomorrow from noon to 4pm, The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association holds its annual Great Maine Apple Day at the Common Ground Educational Center in Unity. The event celebrates the diversity of Maine apples with tastings, cooking demonstrations, and cider making, as well as workshops on fruit tree pruning and Maine apple history. Vendors will be selling local organic apples and apple products. It sounds like nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. Maine readers, are any of you planning to go?

This is why October is better than all the other months.


  1. How beautiful! It's a great shot--I love how you can see the road just barely on the left.

  2. Wow! That is some seriously beautiful photography. I love the gorgeous fall colors, we don't get them over here so I have to live vicariously through your pics!

  3. Mary, I hope you're satisfied. You've managed to make me homesick and hungry (not to mention envious!) with this latest post. Your beautiful photos are almost heartbreaking. And you can bet were I still living in Maine, we'd be rubbing elbows at Great Maine Apple Day! (Maybe one day...) Enjoy the apple abundance and Fall festivities!

    Wishing you luck with Project: GF Cortland Pie! :-)

  4. This was the best comment ever! "You can come rake my yard anytime... I'll pay you in sweet potatoes." :)

    I forgot, Hamilton also has a hardware store! What is it with small towns and hardware stores?

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful! And you are right about October.

  6. What a great post? You're such a terrific writer and photographer, Mary! Way to go!!!

    Wishing you the best of luck with your GF pie! Can't wait. :)

    p.s.Re pumpkin seeds from my last post, they looked great from the outside but the inside was all burned, I tried to eat them but it was impossible.


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