Friday, November 6, 2009

When Life Literally Gives You Lemons...

...juice them and freeze the juice for later use (it's way too cold for lemonade this time of year).

Last weekend, I was strolling around Bar Harbor when I passed a large box of lemons marked "FREE" in the doorway of a gift shop. I crouched down and loaded up my bag until I had about a dozen and began to feel greedy. In retrospect, I should have just lifted the whole box and put it in the back of my car. I use a lot of lemon juice in baking, salad dressing, tahini sauce, and pasta dishes; I'm always running out of lemons.

I juiced these lemons using my trusty wooden reamer (good exercise!), strained out the seeds and pulp, and poured the juice into an ice cube tray (one cube = 2 tablespoons). Now I'm stocked for at least the next month. I can thaw the cubes for cooking, or toss them into hot tea or sparkling water.

I don't often get the chance to live out a folksy metaphor: I can't throw stones from the comfort of my own glass house, and if I called the kettle black it wouldn't acknowledge me. But thanks, life, for the lemons! I've put them to good use.


  1. Rock on with the free lemons!

  2. Those photos are beautiful!
    For a more autumnal/wintery treat, you could drink hot lemon water (maybe with a tinnyyyyy bit of agave!) I love to start my mornings that way!

  3. Oh, I love this idea! I've never thought of freezing lemon juice, I always throw away bad lemons or limes. I use a Lot of lemon juice too:)

  4. So pretty! Portland offers lots of free bags of produce, too. Since August I've stumbled on bags of orange cherry tomatoes, squash and peppers. So fun. You scored with those lemons, so glad you putting them to good use.


  5. Yay for putting all those gorgeous lemons to good use! Beautiful photos.

  6. What a pretty post! I can almost smell the lemons from here! :-) I use tons of lemon juice too, so I juice a bunch at a time and keep the juice in a cruet in my fridge. I've never seen lemons for free (lucky you!), never even seen them marked down around here. But if I ever get a good deal on lemons, I'll have to remember your trick about freezing the juice. Never would have occurred to me! (I have three kinds of juicers... the electric, the old style manual, and one of those nifty metal hinged ones. But I've never seen a wooden reamer! I just love kitchen gadgets, especially when they're "old style!" :-)

  7. It sounds like you definitely put whatever comes your way to good use, Mary.


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