Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Potluck Foods

This weekend I baked my second annual batch of Rumnog Pecan Cookies (from Veganomicon). Though I love nutmeg, I suspect it's the rum that makes these such a hit: two tablespoons in the cookies themselves, and two more in the frosting. If getting tipsy on cookies appeals to you, The Washington Post published the recipe (it says adapted, but the ingredients are identical and the procedure merely paraphrased). I made this batch with gluten-y all-purpose flour and then disinfected my kitchen.

For a healthier alternative to the ubiquitous cheese platter and vat of meatballs, I made a red and green edamame salad. It's based on Veganomicon's Corn and Edamame Salad, with red bell peppers instead of corn, green onions and almonds tossed in, and a 1:1:1 ration of sesame oil, rice vinegar, and tamari. Simple, fresh, and quite filling.

What are your favorite holiday party dishes?


  1. Both look delicious, especially those cookies. I haven't noticed that recipe in Vcon, but I'll have to check it out.

    My favorite holiday party dishes: cornbread dressin' and vegan fudge!

  2. Those cookies, that salad - YUM!

    Seems like Saudi Arabia finally got a restock of edamame, because I FINALLY found some this morning at the grocery store after a several month long drought. I bought bags and bags and I think I'm going to have to make this gorgeous salad!

  3. As usual, a delicious-looking post! I'll bet you get invited to ALL the potlucks! :-) That edamame salad looks especially appealing today for some reason (I say "for some reason" because on a day as cold as this one, you wouldn't think a cold salad would look appealing! Why am I not going for the boozy cookies? What is wrong with me?!)) It must be all the green and red (so festive) and the crisp, fresh utter healthiness of it on a winter's day!

    My favorite party food... hmmm. To eat or to bring? :-) Summer or winter, for potlucks I almost always make my specialties, hummus and guacamole, along with either Mary's Gone Crackers (your invention?) or homemade pita crisps. In winter I'll sometimes also bake a loaf of cranberry-pumpkin bread, while in summer I might make a frozen Creamy Chocolate Marble Pie (from Louise Hagler's "Tofu Quick & Easy"). More than one Wyomingite has unwittingly eaten their first bite of tofu via this pie! But after they ask me what's in it, and then get over the shock of hearing "tofu," they always want the recipe. (Old vegan trick. Mmmwwwahahaha!) ;-)

  4. the presentation on your red and green edamame salad is beautiful! what a cute and creative way to serve it :)

  5. Those cookies look amazing, might just give them a try.
    Eco Mama

  6. Mmm, the edamame salad looks so fresh and delicious!


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