Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last-Minute Knitting

How did I get myself into this? The weekend before Christmas with three gifts left to make.

First, a basic men's hat that I had to rip out and restart twice, because it was comically enormous. A quick project that ate up most of a weekend.

Ellie as unwilling hat model:

I also knitted a lace bookmark, to make an Amazon gift card feel a little more personal:

I used a skein of mystery yarn (rayon, I think) I picked up a few months ago for two dollars. I love the colors, but it was awfully slippery to work with. The pattern is available here; it makes a great 2-hour project.

It's Christmas Eve Eve, and I've got one pair of felted slippers to go. Back to the needles and sappy holiday films.


  1. You crack me up. :-D

    A "comically enormous hat," huh? Have you been watching much Dr. Seuss lately? Maybe your fingers picked up a subliminal message? :-)

    The picture of Ellie is precious! I just posted an eerily similar photo of Willow on my blog this morning! (Are we doing that kale mind-meld thing again?)

    And your bookmark is beautiful!! I love the colors too, so rich! I sew, knit nor tat not a stitch. Maybe someday...

    Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your knitting frenzy to blog about it, and good luck racing the calendar to a photo finish! :-)

  2. Ellie is the perfect hat model!

  3. I love all of your knitting posts! You are really talented, I especially love that bookmark, such a creative idea.


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