Thursday, December 31, 2009

Toasty Toes

We'll be snowed in this weekend, riding out a historically significant storm, but my feet will be nice and warm in these felted slippers. They're called pichots (pea-shoos), and according to Michele at Fiberphilia, they were traditionally knitted by the matriachs of French Catholic families in New Brunswick and Aroostook County. I couldn't find any mention of their cultural roots online, (though googling turned up numerous opportunities to "check out this pic—HOT!") but it's easy to imagine northern mémères keeping toes warm with these quick, easy felted slippers.

The construction is basic: knit several inches on straight needles, for what will become the heel and open part of the slipper. Then join the fabric and knit in the round, right on down the foot, eventually reducing the number of stitches toward the toe. Sew up the back, knot up loose ends, and voilà! The slippers are ready for felting in the washing machine.

These green and purple pichots, a Christmas gift for my mother, were my first felted project. Man, is felting magical. In two washings, this men's slipper will go from Shaq-sized: a snugly size 10.

With bulky yarn, a pair of women's pichots should take no more than 8 hours, perfect for a weekend project, and for using up bits of leftover yarn.

Stay warm this weekend, mon ami!


  1. With significantly historic snows
    and colorfully swaddled toasty toes,
    Mary bids '09 an "¡Adiós!"
    May 2010 bring all highs, no lows,
    while your fun blog's fan club grows and grows. :-)

    Okay, I admit, it won't win a Pulitzer, but it's the best I could do on short notice. Stay snug and safe and have a very Happy New Year, Mary! :-)

  2. Beautiful, and so very cozy-looking! How I'd love to have a pair of these right about now...

    Hope you have a very happy New Year!

  3. Cute Cute Cute!! Happy New Year's Mary, thanks for this awesome blog. All the best for 2010.
    Eco Mama

  4. How wonderful!

    Best wishes for a very very happy and healthy 2010!

  5. Oh dear, I am trying to get back to Maine this Sunday! Looks like I might have an extra day or two in MD, wish I was up there to be snowed in. Have a great weekend!

  6. Adorable!

    Happy new year Mary!


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