Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Finds in my Moving Boxes

Last winter, the recession had fashion bloggers and morning show correspondents discussing how to look great and save money by shopping in your own closet. While I couldn't care less about fashion (I will remove my hoodie if I must, for very fancy occasions), I enjoy anything that helps me put off a trip to the mall.

Since moving last August, we've been slow to unpack, since every room in the house needs work. We're still opening boxes, finding places for our belongings, and culling broken and unwanted objects.

A few weeks ago, I tired of alternating the same two sweaters on school days, and of climbing over a rubbermaid bin to get into the upstairs bathroom. In the bin, with my work clothes, old shoes, and painting gear, was this Red Sox sweatshirt. I hadn't been looking for it and didn't remember owning it, but now, thanks to its super-thick fabric and snug wrists, it's in heavy rotation.

Then I found a quilt and plaid lap blanket that I bought in college. Good as new.

This weekend I decided to go through old cds. I opened a beat-up box and uncovered some 90s AWESOME, just what I need to turn folding laundry into a dance party.

I'm so glad I never bought any of these albums on iTunes.

If you're snowed in or stir crazy this winter, go shopping in a closet, attic, or stack of moving boxes. Find something old, fun, and forgotten; it's like getting a present from your (younger) self.


  1. Makes me want to listen to Beasty Boys right now!

  2. Fun post! I love the last line about finding something old, fun and forgotten being like getting a present from your (younger) self. Maybe I'll intentionally "hide" a few fun things with my holiday decorations and open them for Christmas next year. :-)

    PS I love the quilt and blanket, especially! (You had good timing, opening that box in January!)

  3. Oh, I love this post! It's really what I'm doing right now. I just found 2 huge bags full of my winter clothes that I put away when we had the whole house painted in summer 3 years ago. You're so right I feel like I'm getting presents from my younger self:)


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