Wednesday, January 6, 2010

R.I.P. Yellow Apron, 2005-2010

The old yellow apron was laid to rest this morning. After more than four years of admirable service, the apron could no longer perform its duties due to a malfunctioning neck strap.

Farewell, friend. You were a good apron. I shall remember fondly your wide pockets, your absorbent fabric, your hot sauce stains. The evenings I put you on and discovered a kleenex, or an animal cracker, leftover from some previous night's adventures.

You will be replaced, but not forgotten.


  1. Awww farewell yellow apron!

    Hmmm....the new apron looks quite spiffy! Hope you two have many grand adventures together!

  2. oh, the passing of the guard. I have a few different aprons, and I love them all. It's a good idea to do a blog post about them - maybe I'll steal that! :)

  3. Aww... was that the yellow apron you wore with your Herbivore t-shirt when you taught that vegan cooking class at the Maine Food Festival last summer? That apron was sweet! My condolences.

    May you and your beautiful new apron make many happy new memories together!


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