Thursday, January 28, 2010

Serious Hot Chocolate for Hard-working Grown Ups

The promise of hot chocolate makes chores like shoveling the driveway and knocking icicles off the roof feel almost worth it. Your fingers are cold, your back is sore, and you deserve a treat. You can simply veganize the recipe on the side of the cocoa canister, but your hot chocolate will be thin and sickly sweet.

You need a thick, dark, sinister mug of Aztec liquid chocolate.

For hot drinks, I like hemp milk: it's rich like soy milk, but its flavor is understated. I mix it with coconut milk and swap real chocolate for cocoa powder to create a tongue-coating, eye-watering, all-consuming chocolate drink. Since the chocolate and hemp milk are already sweetened, no additional sugar is necessary. You'll want a spoon to scoop the last few drops from the bottom of your mug.

Grown Up Hot Chocolate

2 ounces semi-sweet baking chocolate (bittersweet or unsweetened if you are a badass)
2/3 cup hemp milk
1/3 coconut milk

Warm all ingredients over medium heat, whisking frequently until chocolate is melted and liquid is steaming. Stop short of boiling. Makes 1 large or 2 small servings.

For real excitement, try serving this hot chocolate with a slice of orange or candied ginger. Or for nostalgia, plop in a few dense vanilla Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows (square marshmallows feel so rustic and artisan).

Let the kids have their Swiss Miss and their dehydrated marshmallow pebbles; you should celebrate the end of another long, chilly day with a steaming cup of real chocolate.


  1. Wow! I love hot chocolate, and this looks amazing. I cannot wait to try this!

  2. Alas, I am not a badass, but the semi-sweet version sounds perfect! Can't wait to try...

  3. Oh, brother, this looks good. Never had hemp milk, but I will give it a try. Love the dragonfly on the mug, too! :)

  4. The hot chocolate looks beautiful--I think I have an excuse now to get some hemp milk!

  5. Hot chocolate is such a great thing to look forward to! I use a fair trade mix, but I'll have to pick up hemp milk to try.

  6. Looks and sounds delish and perfect for a wintery day! I wish we could get hemp milk, I think I'd use a nut milk.

  7. Ooh wow! Never tried hemp milk, but maybe some almond milk would do the trick.
    I wonder what it would be like with a bit chili or cayenne powder stirred in.

  8. I got sent some unsweetened chocolate from the US and was looking for recipes. Thank you so much for this. I think I'm badass enough ;)

  9. good to know hemp milk works in hot drinks! i thought it might curdle.

  10. Great post, you made hot chocolate sexy! Dark, sinister and Aztec--brilliant!
    Eco Mama

  11. Mmm, that looks and sounds so good! I'd love to try some! I've never tried hemp milk before, it does sound delicious!

  12. I am officially addicted to hot chocolate now! I will never to back to using cocoa powder.


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