Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This little bunny is enjoying the spring weather. Find the pattern at the Mochimochi shop—it's a two-hour knit, tops!

Get outside today and smell the flowers!


  1. Sweet! Your bunny looks very content! (And those blue flowers are gorgeous! They'd go well with my recent "Seeing Blue" post!)

    That bunny might be a two-hour knit (tops!) for you, but it would take me 16 hours, not including the time spent untangling the yarn from my ankles, wrists, and eyeglass frames, and in the end I'd just end up with a misshapen lump of sweaty, tear-stained yarn. LOL

    Happy Easter, Mary!

  2. Happy Easter, Mary! Your little bunny looks so adorable and I love those pretty blue flowers:)


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