Friday, July 30, 2010

Cotton Baby Sweaters

Only 4 months to go, and I finally finished my first baby item.

I knit this basic boatneck pullover with Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria in gender-neutral tones. It couldn't have been easier—pure television knitting. I knit the torso in a tube from the bottom up, split the stitches in half at the armpits, and knit the front and back flat. Then I seamed the shoulders, picked up stitches at the arm holes, and knit the arms in the round, shoulder to wrist. It's two tubes attached to a larger tube. No shaping. No sewing. No thinking. It's boxy and roomy, for wrastlin'.

Here's the beginning of my next project, the Dewey Cabled Pullover from Vintage Baby Knits:

I'm using Cascade Ultra Pima in a lovely mustard (chosen to hide vomit stains). This time I'm following a pattern and it requires counting, so I'll have to pay attention.


  1. Love the little sweater!! Lucky baby.
    Eco Mama

  2. Wow, what a very lucky little one to have such a talented mama! Sweaters look so incredible when they are made for tiny new people... You're awesome!

  3. So beautiful. You'll have to post photos of the baby in the sweater, you know.

  4. I wish I was able to knit sweaters for my little one like this! This would be a great hobby and a great way to have outerwear for the baby.

  5. I wish I could knit! I don't have any human babies, but I've got plenty of dingo kids that would look ADORABLE in a sweater. You are so talented, the sweat is lovely!

  6. What an adorable sweater! I haven't tried that yarn yet but I've drooled over at the yarn shop :)

  7. That sweater is just precious! What a lucky, stylin' baby. :)

    I LOVE the yellow color for the new sweater.


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