Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gluten-Free Dough at Flatbread Company

Before going gluten-free last September, Flatbread Company was one of my favorite restaurants in Portland. I loved their crispy brick oven pizza and hippie toppings, their thoughtful salad and drinks (especially the maple lemonade), and the patio and wall of windows that look out on docking ferries. After I gave up gluten, I quit going to Flatbread Company—who wants to sit around and watch other people eat pizza?

It turns out my self-imposed exile from Flatbread was unnecessary. Though it's not listed on their website or menu, Flatbread carries a vegan, gluten-free pizza crust made by Mommy's Muffins in New Hampshire. For four dollars extra, you can make any small pizza gluten-free. And it's really pretty good!

The dough is made with chickpea and rice flour, as well as all the familiar GF starches. It tastes like a nutty whole-wheat crust, and serves as a neutral backdrop for toppings. Mine didn't char like the traditional crust, but it held together and supported toppings without becoming a brick.

The gluten-free dough is handled carefully and cooked on its own tray, but cross-contamination is possible (there is a lot of flour flying around back by the oven). Flatbread also carries brownies and whoopie pies that are gluten-free but not vegan. I can't imagine why these gluten-free options aren't on the menu; I avoided Flatbread for almost a year because I thought they couldn't feed me.

As far as I know, Flatbread Company is the only place in Maine where you can order a gluten-free vegan pizza. Not only is it delicious, you can eat it while waiting for seals to pop their heads up beside the dock. I'll be back!


  1. They should definitely put that on their menu! There are probably lots of people like you who think they can't eat there. That pizza looks so yummy!

  2. Mary, also gluten free here. Portland Pie has a decent gluten free pie as well. (do not get the gluten free cheese - whatever that means!). I was reading your blog and noticed your Denver visit. When I was in Denver someone bought me some Udi's gluten free bread. It is AWESOME. I do not usually buy gluten free products because they tend to be awful, but I was missing toast and my babycakes cookbook falls short of bread. They sell Udi's at WFM and Lois in Portland. My next step is to find a decent GF bread recipe, but for now, I will take my toast from Udi's.

  3. Leonardo's just added a gluten free crust option to their menu.

    Portland Pie's "gluten free cheese" is actually Daiya vegan cheese, not sure why they call it that.

  4. Now THAT is a pizza. Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE pizza and that one looks PERFECT. Send me a slice!

  5. Ooooh I wish I had this right now. YUM. I recently bought some frozen gf pizza crusts then realized later they're not vegan. :( Somehow in my mind those two things should go together....
    Eco Mama

  6. Eco Mama,

    I wish! Unfortunately, many things that are normally vegan (pizza dough, bread) are made with eggs when they're gluten-free. Eggs provide some binding and elasticity, I think. I was really surprised this crust was gluten-free AND vegan AND tasty!

  7. I second the Udi's recommendation. They also have a GF pizza crust that I tried last night with great results - I believe it is vegan as well.

  8. AJ's wood fire grill in Kittery has GF pizza.. I think they use the same crust....but I'm not sure

  9. Flatbread gluten free brownies are not only delicious but they are also dairy free which makes them VEGAN!


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