Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Again

Babies are sure time consuming. The feedings, diaper changes, and soothing alone are a full-time job, and when the opportunity for a break arises (hello, afternoon nap), updating a blog falls low on the list of priorities, behind:

1. showering
2. washing dishes
3. folding laundry
4. eating lunch (with two hands!)
5. catching a nap myself

I am literally typing this in bed with one hand while the kid uses my left arm as a pillow. So shhhh! The meals I'm throwing together are not elegant: frozen vegetables appear regularly, as do carton soups. You know what makes a great 5-minute dinner? A baked potato, with stuff poured over it. Beans, vegetables, hummus, salsa, whatever. An even faster meal, because you fell asleep putting the baby to bed and woke up during Craig Ferguson? Cereal.

I've got some tasty posts floating around in my head, but until I get the chance to actually write them, I suggest you visit xgfx, a brand-new comprehensive resource for all things vegan AND gluten-free. No eggs, no wheat, no whey, no spelt. No delicious photos of food I can't eat! And if you click the xgfx icon on the right, you'll find a directory of gluten-free vegan blogs. There are more of us than I ever imagined!

In closing, here's a photo of my new man researching solid foods. He's a very studious baby.