How popular cryptocurrencies are in the US

How popular cryptocurrencies are in the US

Investing in cryptocurrency today is popular. Crypto money was invented back in 2009. Since then it started to conquer global financial markets.

Cryptocurrency allowed many people to earn a fortune. However, not all people in the US firmly believe in cryptocurrency investment. There are many reasons for that.

Pros and Cons of cryptomoney investment

Crypto money is a hot topic in all financial media all over the world. However, the most innovative nations in the world still doubt about credibility of Bitcoin business. According to statistics, only 8 percent of Americans invested in crypto money. It is a very humble number for financial investment.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency Americans invest in. 4% out of 8% stands for the Bitcoin investment. Here are some reasons why Americans are still sceptic about cryptomoney:

  • Crypto Money is not directly connected to operations of any economy in the world. It is fully a creation of a human intelligence. Money can be generated in the process of mining.
  • Cryptocurrency can lose in value rapidly. Governments do not regulate the value of BIT or ETH. It is fully self-regulated financial means. This scares many American away from putting money into it.
  • Not all entreprises accept cryptocurrency as the payment method. It is also a very important factor. Many business sectors simply block transaction with digital money. It makes it very hard for stakeholders to buy products and services with the help of cryptocurrency.
  • People have to keep e-money in the online wallets. E-wallet is not the most secure type of wallet. Very often hackers get an access to it. People whose accounts were hacked can lose everything overnight.

These are the main reasons why Americans are still sceptic about investing in digital currency. However, risky entrepreneurs consider investment in BIT or ETH as fine business solution. Here are the main reasons for it:

  • Cryptocurrency systems are fully decentralised. The work of cryptocurrency platforms is not controlled by any governmental bodies.
  • It is easy to mine additional money. Possessing software and hardware for mining is enough to get more cryptocurrency.
  • It is a good means of investment. There are many ambitious business projects that accept investment in BIT or ETH. For this very reason, businesses and individuals count on such investments.

These are the reasons why people still buy cryptocurrency. It is hard to predict if you lose or win when buying crypto money. However, this economic sector will keep growing for sure.

More cryptocurrency appears continuously on the market. It means that more business opportunities will appear.