Three reasons why it is better to invest in Ethereum than in Bitcoin

Three reasons why it is better to invest in Ethereum than in Bitcoin

Investing in cryptocurrency is a tendency of today. The market of cryptocurrency grows continuously. New tokens appear constantly.

The nature of digital money permits to generate them. There is no banking institution that can control issuance of new cryptocurrency. Though, very often cryptomonye lose in value significantly. The best crypto money to invest in today is Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Why it is better to invest in ETH

Bitcoins and Ethereum are ones of the strongest cryptocurrencies of today. Investors therefore prefer to invest in this digital money. However, making investment in ETH is not exactly the same as investing in BIT. Here are reasons why its is better to put money in ETH:

  • ETH is very unusual type of cryptocurrency. It is a digital currency project that has its own roadmap. There is a concrete development plan to promote Ethereum on the financial market. Therefore, Ethereum will hardly die.
  • Strong platform. Each type of digital currency can be mined using special software. In order to mine Ethereum Augur blockchain was developed. Today it is one of the most innovative platforms. It is technically stronger than Bitcoin mining platform.
  • Proof of stake acceptance mechanism. It is a another huge benefit of Ethereum. The classic Proof of work formula of transactions acceptance will not work any more for Ethereum. The system will be switched to Proof of stake.

These are the reasons why ETH is considered to be the most innovative and solid cryptocurrency of today. Stakeholders believe that Bitcoins can soon disappear, while ETH will continue to gain popularity.

Why investors believe in ETH project

It is important to understand that Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is on the market for long. It is second most reliable cryptocurrency of today. Here are some other reasons why investors believe that IT will lead the future:

  • It is a decentralised system. It means that ETH blockchain allows other products and services to be build up in the system. Therefore, it enables the system to grow tremendously.
  • It has a strong support from the business community. Stakeholders believe in this digital money. It means that businesses continue to give ideas on how to innovate the METH project. Stakeholders want it to remain on the market.
  • ETH system is very multifunctional. It aims not only to mine ETH, but offers a complete package of services. It is possible to conclude smart contracts with the help of the system. There is no need to use a separate program for that.
  • There are no third parties who have to approve the transactions. It is also very important feature. The less parties are involved the better.

These are the reasons why ETH project is a leading cryptocurrency project of today.